Facebook could soon let you unsend messages

Facebook could soon let you unsend messages
Facebook are reportedly developing an unsend feature (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ever sent a Facebook message and instantly regretted it? Your prayers may now have been answered.

Facebook are reportedly testing a feature which allows users to “unsend” messages in its messenger app.

The development comes after the revelation that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg was already capable of deleting messages from both his and a recipients inbox.

The Silicion Valley-based organisation had promised that this feature would be rolled out beyond Zuckerburg’s account – and it seems that they are staying true to their word.

Twitter user Jane Wong was one of the first to raise awareness of the development which appears to have been rolled out on a select number of Android devices.

Seemingly, users who want to unsend messages simply perform a long hold on the affected message and select “unsend”.

According to Wong, users will only be allowed to delete their message from both accounts before a certain specified amount of time.

The social media giant have yet to reveal if and when the feature will be rolled out to all users and how many users have are currently able to access the feature.