Zoo park boss named chair of Ratton Trust

LAURENCE Smith, the owner of Drusillas, has been appointed chairman of the Ratton School Trust.

Directors held their first meeting last week since the popular secondary school in Park Avenue became a Trust, meaning it has opted out of local authority control. The seven directors have formed a Board of Trustees, which will oversee the strategic future of Ratton. They are: Laurence Smith, chairman; Sally Wellings, St Bede’s School; Wayne Potbury, Albion in the Community; Jonathan Satchell, Epic(E-learning); Toby Rollestone, MacConvilles (Chartered Surveyors); Peter Lindsey, Ratton Chair of Governors and David Linsell, Ratton headteacher.

Mr Smith said, “I am very proud to be associated with Ratton School, and to have been nominated as the first chairman of the newly-formed Trust.

“We have a very creative and powerful team of directors who will be focusing on the future of education, both locally and nationally, and what is best for the future of our young people. Ratton clearly has an excellent reputation within the community - both for its Performing Arts and for the all-round education it delivers - but clearly there are plenty of challenges that remain and much we can do to take it to an outstanding school.” David Linsell said, “I was delighted with the first Trust Meeting, three Trustees are to become Governors, the range of projects has expanded and all Trustees agreed that Laurence will make an excellent chair.”