Youngsters in need of holiday activities

IN response to a letter last week written about Treasure Island, yes in a way I agree, something should be done about the building and area that is currently unused due to unforeseen circumstances.

But writing as a mother of two young children, I think it to be very unfair to put a ‘relaxing area’ in place for people.

What are we supposed to do with our children in the holidays? The media and health professionals say that parents should be encouraging play, exercise and socialising in our children but how are we supposed to enforce this with nowhere to go?

Yes, you have the parks and the beach, great while the weather is good, and whilst on that subject, well done to the current for refurbishing our local parks.

But when the weather is cold and wet what are we supposed to do, stay indoors and allow are children to watch telly, yet causing more controversy and overweight unhealthy children who don’t know how to play and exercise? People of Eastbourne have plenty of places to relax, Princes Park, the beach, the Wish Tower, I could go on.

Why should the children of Eastbourne suffer again because someone wants a place to relax?

That is not fair. I am not usually an argumentative person but I am very passionate about things involving children and I think completely removing Treasure Island as a play area would be a major mistake.

Although I agree the place, as well as Fort Fun, could do with a spruce up. I’m sure plenty of mums and dads would agree with me?

Katrina Baum

Northbourne Road