Youngsters’ bus behaviour is unacceptable

In reply to the Sussex Downs College article about manners on the buses, I can’t believe (as a pensioner) that we are to blame. When children and teenagers go to and from school it’s a nightmare.

I dread catching the bus and try to dodge those times if possible. All we want is a peaceful journey and the offer of a seat. Not much to ask for?

I’ve had to endure years of loud ‘music’, shouting, swearing and also feet and bags on seats etc.

There are rules posted on most buses but I don’t think they’re even aware of these as the signs are too high up.

The bus driver should be able to turn them off the bus if they can’t behave then they might get the message if they had to walk home.

Between the bus company and the schools they should learn that it’s not acceptable to behave the way they do and get away with it.

S.BALL, Croxden Way.