You chose to have a dog - with that choice comes responsibility

Firstly the dog owner purchases and takes the responsibility of a dog. Secondly he buys doggie bowls, collar, lead and hopefully employs a vet for immunisation etc.

Once kitted out he takes Fido for walkies with specially purchased doggie-do bags. Then picks up Fido’s doings in said bag and ties it up beautifully. He then leaves the bag on a wall, or tied to a tree or fence!

What do these irresponsible dog owners think is going to happen to the offending bag? Magically disappear perhaps?

If this is you, please take your pooches waste home with you or use a proper dog bin. They’re red by the way. No one is pretending it’s a pleasant task, but you are making the environment look unattractive.

You chose to have a dog, with that choice comes responsibility, not only for the dog but for your fellow human beings and the environment as well.

JAN WHITING, Grenville Road