You can still recover cues from closed club

I WOULD like to thank you for Josh Pettitt’s article covering the sad demise of the Q-Ball Club.

There are, however, a couple of extra details readers and former members might like to know.

After numerous frustrating telephone calls to Ross and Co, I managed to discover the name of the freeholder through the Land Registry and spoke to Richard Graham of District and Urban who agreed to instruct Ross and Co to allow members to recover their property.

Originally I had hoped they would agree to open the club for two or three hours to allow the recovery of cues.

They did no not wish to do this but agreed to meet me there to recover my own cues, which I am pleased to say I did.

May I suggest any other members wishing to recover their property should contact Anton Bree of Ross and Co on Eastbourne 642426.

Finally, Mr Mullens believes only a handful of cues remained within the club but when recovering my own cues, there were at least 30 cues still in their lockers which I hope will soon be re-united with their owners.

Jim Hennessey

Dickens Way, Eastbourne