Wrong council should bear costs

PRIME Minister David Cameron having encouraged us to hold street parties and ‘getting to know your neighbour’ events to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I am disappointed Sussex council tax payers are having to foot the £750,000 to £800,000 policing bill to hold the events.

The cost to Sussex Police should be met by central Government and should not have to be found by local councils already hard-pressed for funds due to Government cuts.

More than 400 notified events were held by Sussex residents which meant roads had to be closed and larger events where there was a large gathering of the public had to be policed for public safety reasons.

There was inevitable disruption where some larger roads had to be closed to accommodate street parties which affected the transportation system, causing some inconvenience to the public in general and some local residents.

I am sure there were many events held in Eastbourne to celebrate this great occasion as there were in Brighton and Hove and sadly some protests and demonstrations coincided with the celebrations which I thought was a great pity on the days.

Officers from other forces were drafted in to police these events in order to maintain public safety and to protect property.

For these purposes I think the Government should be prepared to contribute to some if not all of the costs to Eastbourne Borough Council and Brighton and Hove City Council for the safe policing of Diamond Jubilee events.

I am sure Sussex Police did all they could to keep the costs down and fully took these into consideration when planning their operations for the various events. On the whole Sussex Police policed the events well and the Government should be prepared to contribute to the costs.


Rowan Avenue, Hove