Would Airbourne really be cancelled?

I would like, through your paper, to ask why we are having members of the Airbourne Project board appearing on TV and radio, who we know are Lib Dem supporters, speaking out warning us that if we do not cough up there may not be another Airbourne.

I ask why is Councillor David Tutt, the leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, not there or even Councillor Neil Stanley, who sends out wonderful press releases? So why not have their names on this as well, or is it because it is BAD NEWS?

I may be a cynic, but do we really beleive that there would not be another Airbourne (I bet we have already booked the Red Arrows)? This is Eastbourne’s major event and brings not only thousands of people it also creates massive publicity for the town.

I have put in the buckets in the past but this looks like a gun to the head of local residents, and bear in mind the buckets have RNLI on them a charity that I support, but, they will only get 30 per cent of the money donated.

Councillor Colin Belsey

Ratton ward

Kings Drive