Working hard for Eastbourne

I BELIEVE wholeheartedly that Stephen Lloyd, is passionate about Eastbourne’s continued development.

He is an excellent supporter of local businesses, personally involved at many levels and I have total trust and respect for him. He deserves our support.


Natural Fitness Centre Eastbourne

I AM not a member of any political party but would like to add my strong support for Stephen Lloyd.

I have met him a number of times and heard him speak at events. As far as I can tell he’s exactly the sort of person who should be our MP – clear thinking, committed, hard-working, full of enterprise, and exceptionally pleasant and personable with it.

I would be surprised if there were many constituencies with a better MP than Stephen.


Business SatNav Limited Eastbourne

I WANT to drop you a quick line to show support for Stephen Lloyd.

I feel he has had a bit of a biased bashing in the press these last few weeks when in fact, I feel he is actually working very hard for Eastbourne and especially for trade and the economy and the regeneration of the town and if we were to lose him it would be the detriment of the town.



Framing Centre