Working hard for bus passengers

IN RESPONSE to Ms Turton in your letters page on March 11, we are aware that our Uno routes 1/1A/1X have been experiencing some difficulty keeping to time.

As a result, we have been carrying out regular timing checks and we will be introducing a new timetable for this route on April 10, having given the required eight weeks’ notice.

We believe that the new timetable will deal with the issues Ms Turton has raised and further monitoring will take place to ensure this is the case.

In regard to the smartcard readers, these have been fitted on our buses as part of national government initiative.

A detailed explanation was given in my letter printed on March 2 and I’d be pleased to organise a copy for Ms Turton if she contacts us.

The real-time information situation has been complex for us as there are two key elements to the successful operation of the system.

The first relates to the maintenance and support of the system itself.

The second relates to the ongoing management of the content on the system, which includes making sure the system is configured correctly and that the records of any service changes are kept up to date.

These two elements are shared between the County Council and Stagecoach.

Unfortunately, the current system is not compatible with Stagecoach IT systems and as such manual updates are required, which can take a considerable amount of time, causing recent delays. There is now some progress being made as we have sourced some technical expertise for both the system and its configuration.

We do apologise to our customers for the punctuality problems and for the delay in getting the real-time information system up and running.

However, I can assure them that we are working hard to further improve the bus travel experience for the people of Eastbourne.

We have a local management team, based at our bus depot in the town, and they are always pleased to respond directly to any customer feedback or questions.

Phil Medlicott

managing director, Stagecoach.