Work programme scheme is not meeting its target

We hear of some school leavers not having a good enough ability with regard to arithmetic needed for a job.

This appears to be borne out with the current batch of MPs who are presently defending the recently published Work Programme success figures. Ian Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, is among them.

We even have the Eton school leaver David Cameron, trying to deny that the number of participants who get a lasting sustainable job through the scheme is not meeting the Government’s target.

We saw his red faced performance at Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s questions, when he again got flustered and angry.

‘It is not rocket science’ as the saying goes, to work out the figures. The Government just will not admit that their Work Programme is not working. Another ‘flag ship’ policy failing.

Meanwhile the number of long term unemployed gets larger as does the number (one in ten) of ‘part timers’ who need and desperately want a full time job.

BOB MILTON, Leyland Road.