Wondering about town council

Following recent negative readers letters, I too am left wondering just how effective Seaford Town Council really is.

Our local residents have been trying for a year now to get Seaford Town Council to request East Sussex County Council to replace the pathway which was recently removed from Claremont Road Rail Bridge.

It took months to get the issue before the Planning & Highways committee, but that committee did eventually vote (unanimously) to ask East Sussex County Council to do the work “immediately, as a matter of urgency”.

However, that was last October and in that time very little has happened.

East Sussex County Council has confirmed to me that they would do the work if money was found, and the leader of Seaford Town Council confirmed back in October that there was money available from a recent project that had to be spent in this area.

So, I too must ask why we spend so much money on a Town Council.

Bob Valder, Replace Our Pavements Action Group

Claremont Road