Wonderful show brought tears to my eyes

A scene from On One Day
A scene from On One Day

I WOULD like to congratulate Hailsham Community College performing arts.

We, as a group, were invited to watch a rehearsal of On One Day which really whet our appetite to see the whole show which was set in the ‘39-’45 era.

I went with friends to the Devonshire Park Theatre today to see the performance.

I, without reservation, can say it was amazing, the detail was superb.

The clothing was correct of the time. The background sounds authentic, waking many memories - not always pleasant.

The whole show was nostalgic and I am not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes.

It would be impossible to name anyone as a ‘star’ as they were without doubt all very talented.

The show without question could rival any West End production. Thank you one and all students and teachers for an afternoon I and my friends shall never forget.

Lorna Elphick

St Philips Avenue