Wonder what tourists thinks of disgusting smell?

AS A resident living within three minutes of the Langney Point water treatment plant I have to complain bitterly about the constant disgusting foul, offensive and appalling smell we have to tolerate emanating from the site almost daily.

It pollutes the air and must be as bad as the fuel emissions from vehicles on the road and cannot be doing any good to the atmosphere.

People, including myself, walk past there with handkerchiefs or a hand over their mouths to avoid having to breath in the foul smelling fumes.

The Dotto train passes this site on its way to and from the Harbour - carrying day trippers and people on holiday in Eastbourne.

What impression does this portray - having to pass the site and endure the offensive and disgusting smell?

It certainly is not portraying the image of a clean seaside town with a clean fresh sea air ozone, quite the reverse. It’s not the way to promote tourism in Eastbourne.

We have been told by Southern Water in the past that the smell has been due to either the wrong chemicals being used or that they ran out of chemicals so what are their excuses now for the constant disgusting smell.

It is not healthy nor hygienic and surely constantly polluting the atmosphere in the way they are is an offence. Comments, please.

Maureen Freeman

Grenada Close