Wizard of Oz: surprised by talented cast

We had the pleasure of seeing the Eastbourne Stagers production of the Wizard of Oz on the second night of the five night run.

As the show started, we noticed that there were many empty seats – would lower prices rectify the problem?

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and talent of the cast, the production team and the orchestra. Their performance was first class and highly entertaining and it creates a sense of pride that we Eastbourneians have such talented performers among us.

The whole cast were so professional in everything they did – from Hannah Turner as a perfect Dorothy to the children playing minor parts, and it was heartwarming to see a lad in a wheelchair giving his all among his fellow performers.

It was hard to believe that amateur players were on the stage because their skills were equal to those of professional performers in regional theatre productions. The Stagers deserve the full support of the people of Eastbourne, and those that didn’t see the show should take note of their next production date to avoid missing such talented performers - and to fill empty seats.


Kings Avenue.