Wish Tower needs to be explained

The Herald’s report on the current appalling state of the Wish Tower Café site raised more questions than it answered.

I know that I am not alone in wondering what on earth had been going on to allow such an important site on our beautiful seafront to descend into such a state that demolition is the only answer?

Legislation demands that the council’s environmental health officers visit all food outlets, and in particular restaurants, on an annual basis.

If the café was in such a poor state why weren’t warning notices issued and enforcement carried out long before now?

The council should have a record of visits and reports on work required and it needs to be made public. Who is responsible for managing council leases and why has this one taken so long to sort out?

Who was responsible for such wanton vandalism and what steps is the council taking to seek redress?

Have the police been asked to investigate what is clearly a crime?

Given that the property was being returned to the council, who was responsible for ensuring that a smooth transition took place?

Your photographs suggest that the property was stripped bare of everything that had a value and only the bare bones returned.

How could the council have allowed that to happen?

Most people agree that the site cannot be left undeveloped for any length of time, as is the case with Treasure Island near the Redoubt.

I would expect the council to use its powers and initiative to support redevelopment and not to lapse into inertia.

This is a golden opportunity to enhance our seafront.

Despite difficult times the council does have funding available to work in conjunction with those with expertise and seek a long term return on its investment. It is not the council’s role to run facilities but to support those who will do a good job and get rid of those who cannot.


Wish Hill.