Wish Tower is a victim of neglect

SO Mr and Mrs Hague want the memorial to the people of Eastbourne demolished.

Do they know the origin of the Wish Tower Restaurant and sun lounge  paid for by the people of Eastbourne and mainly by Mr Foyle of Foyles Bookshops?  

I quite agree that the building is in a deplorable state but this is due to neglect by successive councils who were responsible for its maintenance. 

If it is to be rebuilt then it should remain in the sane format. 

I would mention that there is now nowhere for residents and visitors to take shelter on the front. 

The only place being the bottom of the bandstand and that is open to the elements. 

This is a holiday town but more and more facilities are being taken away worrying about the few who abuse these and not the majority who use them.

DAVID RICHARDSON, Devonshire Place.