Wipeout? Well, as Plato said...

Lib Dem wipeout in the Sovereign Ward why? Inaction and lack of vision by the Lib Dem-led Borough Council.

Sovereign Ward demands an inspiring 21st century policy of young persons techy workplaces, modern cafes, sports facilities, play areas; a dynamic environment.

Enough of this do nothing, sit on our hands Lib Dem inertia. We live in 2011 not 1911.

Can we have some dynamic political action for a change?

As Plato said “For that which ought to guide mankind through all his life, if it is to be a good life, noble blood cannot implant, nor office, nor wealth nor anything...but shame at ugly things and ambition in beautiful things for without these neither city nor man can accomplish great and beautiful works.”

Malcolm Rasala

Harbour Quay