Windscreen note proved distressing

I WONDER if I could send a message to (I must stress) a very small minority of readers.

A particularly distressing incident occurred a few days ago to some dearly-loved relatives of mine.

Perhaps if I just mention Sainsburys and disabled bays it might jog someone’s memory.

Not all blue badges are issued for obvious disabilities, such as wheelchairs or white sticks.

It is quite possible to be extremely ill while actually looking perfectly fit and well.

The note that was left on their windscreen has left such a nasty taste in my mouth I felt I had to write to you in the hope that said culprit will read this.

I will not go into details as my sister and her husband would prefer to just forget about it, however I just hope that whoever was responsible might have second thoughts before making assumptions without knowing the full facts in future.


Ashford Road