Wind power just a lot of hot air

I READ with interest Mr Lovell’s letter, and agree with him.

Wind power has already proved useless. In our neighbouring county of Kent, its off-shore wind farm has managed to produce just a third of its capacity over this last winter.

As with global warming, you only need follow a TV weather forecast, to realise that when the heat increases the wind drops - look at the gap in the isobars on a weather map.

I note that our other neighbouring county of West Sussex has recently received an application for a five megawatt plus, solar farm near Billingshurst, a first such application in the UK.

Even Eastbourne Borough Council have started installing solar systems into council-owned properties.

My suggestion therefore, is scrap the wind farm idea, for this area and concentrate only on applications for solar energy, wave/water power.

With solar farms the structure would be in-keeping with the area, in that there are already agricultural glass houses in the area, prime examples being Stone Cross and Glynleigh Nurseries.

Solar Farms do not need to be skyrise, unlike wind turbines, and can be built no higher than current agricultural glass houses.

Farm animals such as sheep can still be used on the land to graze the grass between solar panels.

The land surrounding can be landscaped with trees/shrubs to virtually hide them if needed.

So that’s a big no to wind pat Polegate, but yes to a solar farm,

if landscaped, and no higher than current agricultural glass houses in the area.

Clive Baldwin

Aberdale Road