Will fraudsters’ money be repaid?

WHEN reading reports of dishonest claimants of benefits I wish they would stop containing phrases like ‘it will all have to be paid back’, which is invariably absolute drivel.

The Nigerian woman recently jailed for dishonestly claiming £41,000 (Herald July 1) will never repay it.

Unless she owns a property or has loads of undeclared cash that hasn’t been already shipped back to Nigeria she will claim to be penniless.

A primary school pupil, using long division, can work out that repaying at even £10 a week will take over four thousand weeks and 52s into 4100 makes it almost 79 years! A very nice interest free loan!

The woman has been given a 10 month prison sentence which means she will, almost certainly, be out by Christmas.

Surely, recommendation for deportation is no more than judge’s rhetoric.

Does anyone believe she will be deported now she has two children? Her benefit claims indicate that there is no current partner and although there is no mention of the father(s) of the children, they may be keeping their heads down at the moment but possibly pop on to the scene as soon as any deportation hearing arises?

David Newman

Spencer Road