Will Eastbourne MP change his Brexit view?


From: John Lambert

Lindfield Road
Hampden Park

must confess to being rather bemused when I recently received a letter in the post from the Lib Dems inviting me to join them in their opposition to Brexit on the grounds that it would put ‘our country’s future at risk.’

I suggest that before trying to persuade the people of Eastbourne to support his stance on Brexit, Vince Cable should start with our present Lib Dem MP who in 2016 told voters that he was firmly in the Brexit camp.

We are told in the same leaflet that there is growing public support for a U-turn on Brexit.

Ever the opportunist, Stephen Lloyd even accepted a post in the Tory–led coalition government in 2014 despite his promise not to do so in these pages.

We know that he sways in the wind of public opinion by his indecision over the Lib Dem council’s widely condemned downland sell off plans.

Can we now assume that he is going to change his stance on Brexit now that it is seemingly becoming increasingly unpopular with voters?

Or does he advise us to discard his party’s latest leaflets?