Will Conquest’s location count?

Will yet another independent review (by the way where does the money come from to pay for this?) take into account the location of the Conquest Hospital?

Not all women drive or are able to drive at the later stages of pregnancy.

To drive to The Congress Hospital takes at least 40 minutes outside of peak hours and the A259 is, at the best of times, very congested.

The alternative is public transport, a stopping train and then a slow bus ride takes well over an hour each way.

If Eastbourne Maternity Unit closes lives will definitely be put at risk. Women with multiple or problem pregnancies will have further major stress and anxiety to deal with and may be tempted at times to miss important appointments or even worse postpone going to the hospital when they really should because the journey getting there is too difficult.

If Darren Grayson is not up to the job of managing services for our NHS Trust, a job that he is paid a great deal of money to do, maybe someone else needs to step into his shoes!

I also urge every woman in Eastbourne who has had a baby in Eastbourne or is thinking of having a baby to get behind this campaign.

Ruth Holyoake

Sidley Road