Will children be left deflated?

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Yesterday evening (June 27) I went to a show at the Congress Theatre put on by all the children of Polegate Infant School.

I sat through it totally mesmerised as it was, no exaggeration, as good as any West End entertainment you can imagine.

And it lasted almost three hours to a completely packed house. Their enthusiasm, commitment and sheer joy in doing it was unmistakeable.

Later on I got to thinking. How many of those kids in not many years time will be totally deflated by the attitude so many of us older people have of them but shouldn‘t?

By the lack of respect so many people will show them? And the total failure of government, any government, this country has had, still has, and probably will continue to have now that our political system seems full of wannabe career politicians rather than people with common sense and guts to do the right thing, to get to grips with the general decline and malaise we’re all suffering, especially the complete failure to offer those kids on stage last night any good chance of making something of themselves?

What a waste if it happens. What shame.


Walnut Walk,