Widen road instead of the footpath

FURTHER to the letter from Clive A Baldwin about the roadworks along Dittons Road/Pevensey Road, he does not mention what I consider the most important question - why?

Why on earth are they widening the footpath to almost the same width as the road?

Indeed the road has been reduced in width to accommodate the wider footpath, complete with a couple of chicanes for good measure.

This can be seen where the word SLOW is now reduced to little more than LOW.

The road was never particularly wide in the first place with a very wide footpath.

I often thought it would be a good idea if the road could be widened, at the expense of the footpath (which in over 20 years I have only very rarely seen used), but of course in these difficult economic times I could understand why such a project was never on.

Now, here we see the reverse of what common logic suggests, in the most difficult economic times seen for many years - it just beggars belief.

Have ESCC finally gone crazy?

I have always suspected it in all matters related to roads but never had proof - now maybe I have!

GRAHAM ROBINSON, Eastbourne Heights