Why will no-one take responsibility?

IT IS with utmost disbelief that I read the report on Splash Point (Seaford Gazette, December 28) stating that the authorities say no-one is responsible for the maintenance of Splash Point.

Who are they kidding? Of course, there is a person/persons responsible for this beauty spot in Seaford.

It is more the intransigence of the authorities who do not wish to support the maintenance of this most revered of tourist locations on the south coast – and that is no more than irresponsibility!

This place of beauty, so vital to the tourism of Seaford, has suffered a lack of support from both local and district councils in the past two years.

Now we are left with a dangerous situation with a possible forthcoming accident (probably to a child) with the railings now non-existent to the outlet of the sea.

I spent time in summer, working for the RSPB, and chatting to tourists from Spain Germany, France et al, who loved the sight of one of the most beautiful place in our town.

Consideration to improvements in the New Year? Lewes and Seaford Council - who can believe you after two years of inaction?-

Something needs to be done with immediate effect, or this once loved Seaford beauty spot may become the location of a disaster which so could have easily been avoided.

Shame on you both councils - to you must be the responsibility of any accident that could arrive at Splash Point.

Get off your backs and do something to ameliorate this situation now!


Marine Crescent, Seaford