Why were EA absent at Crypt event?

I WOULD just like to support Jim Skinner on his views concerning Seaford’s beach (Gazette April 11).

I think it is of extreme concern that the Environment Agency seemingly did not think it worth the effort to attend our display at The Crypt two weekends ago.

Neither last weekend did they bother, I understand from the organisers, to attend the inaugural meeting of the embryonic Friends of the Cuckmere volunteer group which will as part of its chosen remit have to deal with areas like the beach where the EA still carry out periodic statutory work.

What is of particular concern is that a number of proposals exhibited at The Crypt related to the end groyne over the storm-water outfall, which as we have discussed at the SCP Beach Group, urgently needs work for replacement of the corroded railings at the landward end.

In the meeting of the Beach liaison Committee in April 2010 – which I attended – there was a clear commitment, as acknowledged in the minutes, from Ian Nunn and Peter Amies of the EA, that the EA are responsible for the groyne over the outfall sewer which was enlarged as part of the work in 1986/87 to act as a “trap” to prevent the imported shingle from being denuded by longshore drift eastwards.

The present railings on the structure must date from that time, and unlike those on the old groyne further east, appear to have never been maintained or replaced.

They are now a dangerous eyesore at the shore end, and an inspection over three years ago by an independent Health and Safety officer at my instigation (which was reported on BBC South East TV news at the time) found that they were in places totally contrary to present H and S regulations.

I must request that at the next meeting of the Beach Liaison Committee of Seaford Town Council with the EA that this issue be addressed, and rather than being a “closed” meeting at the Town Hall, that it take the form of a site visit where the state of the beach and the installations on it can be discussed by physical examination rather than by photographs and verbal assertions which may or may not be supported by evidence on the ground.


Ringmer Road, Seaford