Why the complete lact of interest?

WHAT IS Seaside coming to? It was a great surprise to me that the Nat West bank in Seaside is closing down in October this year.

How do readers feel about this with about 300-plus businesses, shops within that area? Also Seaside Road, not forgetting hotels on the seafront.

As you well know we had two other banks, Barclays and HSBC, not forgetting the small post office we had for disabled people that use buggies and children in their prams.

It is quite a nightmare getting on to a bus in trying to use other banking facilities. The alternative is a taxi if you can afford it.

So how has all this come about? Was the Chamber of Commerce not aware of it and did they not have a say?

And our council politicians - what was their point of view on this subject and did they submit any articles on this?

You do not promote growth if there is a lack of interest by all concerned and politicians should come out and say what they think and send an article to this newspaper in how they approach this matter so we can look forward to a better environment.

D Rayner