Why restrictions in the evening?

VISITING Eastbourne town centre in the evening? Beware!

I am an 80-year-old pensioner. On January 14 I visited Eastbourne town centre at about 7.30pm to have a meal.

It proved an expensive outing after adding the parking ticket! I parked in Cornfield Road in front of the restaurant.

I am not disabled but my mobility is not 100 per cent and I wanted to be as near to the restaurant as possible.

I did see that this parking space was marked as a loading bay but I did not think for a moment that the parking restrictions would apply through the night.

Surely there is no commercial loading or unloading in Eastbourne town centre after about 6pm so what is the point of harassing the motorist in this way and, incidentally, helping to deter restaurant trade in the evening.

A simple compromise would be to amend the notice on the bay to say that after 6pm restrictions are lifted.

On the night in question there were probably six enforcement officers in the town centre attempting to meet their ticket quotas.

I think they would be better employed in daylight hours.

David Milne

Brightland Road