Why not upgrade what we have?

I WOULD like to comment on the ongoing situation at the Arndale Centre.

I have been living in Eastbourne since I was 18 months old, which is 45 years now, and have been proud of the way the town looks - until NOW!

I cannot believe the council is spending so much money extending the Arndale when there are so many empty shops already in there!

Why can’t they do up the ones already there to encourage people to shop.

Also I was incensed to see the state of the outlying areas eg Langney Road, Pevensey Road and Seaside.

So many shops were empty and in a terrible state. All I could smell was urine!

On top of that are the shops opposite the station. I feel embarrassed as a resident of Eastbourne to see the town in this state.

I wouldn’t blame holidaymakers for not coming here when all they see is disused shops that look awful.

Please have more sense Eastbourne Borough council and upgrade what we have.


St Philip’s Place