Why no saint in St Bede’s?

Here in Meads we are confronted by what at first sight looks like another instance of political correctness. The prep school, hitherto always known as St. Bede’s, has changed its name to Bede’s. A huge, rather ugly, seven by five foot sign to that effect was put up a few weeks ago.

Asked to explain, the deputy headmaster told me the school dropped Saint from its title on the advice of consultants it had hired, no disrespect to the Venerable St. Bede being intended.

But if the change makes it more acceptable to non-Christians, so much the better; the school is in need of more pupils in these difficult times and has to hold its own against stiff competition, such as that from St. Andrew’s only a few hundred yards away in Meads Village. Readers may be pleased to learn the latter has no plans to follow suit and call itself Andrew’s.

I wish both schools well, since each is a source of strength to the area.

ANDREW DAKYNS, Holywell Close.