Why no Olympic Torch relay badge for town?

AS A resident of Eastbourne I take a great deal of interest in local news including the Olympic Torch visiting the town on July 17 which I attended.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the hockey matches at the Stratford Olympic Park on August 7 and had a totally fantastic day out.

One thing I did notice was some people had Olympic Torch relay badges on stating the town or city where they had seen the torch and a date.

Thinking no more I decided to see if I could obtain one for the Eastbourne Torch relay to find that there was not one done for Eastbourne.

I can get the Brighton & Hove or Hastings but not Eastbourne.

Are we really that small that we don’t matter.

Then what about Alnwick in Northumberland?

They got one!


St Lawrence Mews