Why no law against this sort of behaviour?

STROLLING near the railway station a youth whom I had never seen before asked me if I had a specified sum of cash. I dislike having complete strangers asking for money, so I ignored him.

Naturally, his next move was to unleash a stream of abuse. On one level, this was quite splendid: with no effort whatsoever on my own part, this vile individual’s day had clearly become more miserable, which did my morale no end of good.

However, as much as I enjoyed this, even I have to recognise the wider context. People should be able to go about their business without that sort of nonsense, surely?

If there is no law against this sort of behaviour, then our politicians need to get on with what taxpayers pay them to do.

If there is a law then why are such obnoxious persons allowed to get away with it?


Maplehurst Road