Why I’m anti the Arndale

I WAS comforted to read letters from other readers last week who share similar feelings as I do about the horrid Arndale Centre.

It’s good to know that I am not alone in my aversion to the unattractive, unimaginative and claustrophobic shopping mall that is the Arndale.

I can’t even bear to venture inside the place these days and unless I am shopping for shoes or can find suitable clothing in Debenhams, which at least houses a good range of independent fashion retailers, then most of my shopping is done online or for that “something different” item then it has to be Brighton.

The huge out of town supermarket retailers are also a no go area and I choose instead to shop at the Waitrose store in Old Town (much more relaxed and worth paying a bit more).

Your reader David Poole put forward some excellent views in my opinion as did other like-minded readers.

It has been rather sad to see the original Terminus Road town centre gradually becoming redundant over the years.

There are so many towns throughout the country with similar soul-destroying indoor shopping malls, all with the same retailers selling the same old merchandise.

Eastbourne would be setting a new trend by re-creating our original town centre to suit present day requirements (again David Poole puts forward some good ideas for this).

It would, of course, need to take on board areas for adequate car parking and perhaps improved bus services from out of town locations into the centre to encourage custom.

If there has to be an indoor complex at all, perhaps this could include tenpin bowling, ice skating rink, fitness centre – it would surely be a good thing to have activities for people in the town centre rather than (or as well as) satellite venues out of town – community spirit springs to mind.

As far as the Sovereign Harbour is concerned, this is somewhere I do not go to very often, it seems so sterile somehow and without much substance.

Apart from the cinema there really is nothing much I would need to go there for, so for that reason it would seem sensible for Prudential to go ahead with the proposed improvements.

There definitely needs to be improved vehicular access for public transport.

As it stands presently, the whole area to me is a bit of a “white elephant” apart from the residents point of view and the sailing fraternity.


Upperton Road.