Why do they send out letters?

I SHOULD like to know whose bright idea it was, at a time when the Trust is supposed to be trying to save money, that instead of making future appointments as one leaves a clinic, they now insist on sending a letter instead.

How much does that cost? What is the point of all their expensive computers if they cannot use them to fix appointments? This was the way it was done up until a few years ago.

Also, how much do the automatic telephone reminders regarding upcoming appointments cost?

I suggest that people who fail to turn up for appointments without informing the hospital and thus depriving more deserving cases, should be sent a bill for so doing. Perhaps they would think twice in future.

I realise these are probably minuscule sums when one reads of the vast sums of money being wasted on a daily basis, not least on the inflated salaries of those supposedly in charge, but every little helps, as the ad says.


Treemaines Road