Why demolish the Wish Tower?

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OPINION is divided on the fate of the Wish Tower Restaurant.

However, I imagine there may be a few people like me who are extremely disappointed at the decision to have this building demolished.

Admittedly it is in a very poor state and in much need of restoration to its former condition, but I feel much emphasis has been placed and put forward to the public via the most negative photographs of disrepair which were not evident a few weeks prior to closure.

For example, the toilets were certainly shabby and in dire need of a facelift, but the basins were not smashed as shown, carpets were only stained in certain places due to lack of repair in the leaking roof.

This low lying building is right for its position, overlooking stupendous views all round.

It could still look superb if renovated.

Looking again at photos submitted one can’t help but wonder if vandalism has occurred after closure and perhaps a certain lack of care taken during the dismantling of the kitchens etc.

Manor Gardens is another sore point with regard to the skateboarding which is going to be placed in a quite unsuitable area. At present this is a beautiful, peaceful place for people to walk and sit in. Progress? I don’t think so.


Vicarage Road.