Why am I paying council tax if the street lights are out?

I am outraged as to what has happend with regard to our street lighting in Lower Willingdon.

I have just come home on a Sunday morning at 2.30am to find all but one street light is out in my road. I am a woman on my own and found it extremely scary to walk to my bungalow.

There are a lot of elderly residents around who probably do not even know this has happend, especially when we were never informed by the council.

Why am I paying more than £1,500 per year for my council tax when this is happening?

Nearly all the roads now around here are pitch black, you could never see anybody crossing the road if they were in dark clothing.

We have a twitten at the end of the road, and have experienced anti-social behaviour down this road on numerous occasions. I had to use my mobile phone to try and find my way to my property which I personally think is completely unacceptable.

Please let me know where we go from here. Why can’t we not have a meeting with the chief exective of the council, or who ever made this outragous decision in the first place? I expect where they live all their lights are on!

LYNNE FOWLER, Went Hill Gardens.