Why all the cyclist rage?

Why all this rage about cyclists? Think about it: many cyclists are either children or the elderly, who can’t, or can no longer drive and must therefore walk, cycle or take public transport.

We’ve all been children and will one day be elderly too so surely it’s right to protect them at least from the motorists’ rage?

Then there are those who cycle to work. They’re on the roads in the rush hour but take up less space than a car, waste no fuel, produce no toxic exhaust fumes, and are often motorists choosing to cycle so pay their taxes, know their highway code and are as productive and upstanding as any non-cycling motorist.

Given that all cyclists must brave wind, rain, noise, toxic fumes and the risk caused by motorists using mobiles, hogging the cycle paths, or just plain not paying attention, I feel cyclists deserve a fair bit of credit.

In fact, they deserve a decent cycle network that would allow them to cycle in safety, protected from the fickle, distracted, angry motorist.

So why are motorists so stroppy? Cyclists and pedestrians are generally polite, friendly happy people, who smile and greet each other, and even chat a little as they pass.

I believe it’s all those lovely endorphins created by all the exercise that make them such a happy friendly bunch. That and the thought of how healthy they’re becoming, and the money they’re saving on petrol.

And knowing that they’re not producing any Co2 emissions and are then in their small way, saving the planet.

Motorists, next time your blood begins to boil, just think for a moment, is it really because some poor cyclist is trying to cross the road? Or are you just fed up with being locked in traffic, with no decent air to breath, no exercise, and no-one to smile at? Dare I say it?

It might, just might, be us motorists who need to change ourselves. Get on a bike perhaps?

ANNA POWELL, Wannock Lane.