Who says it’s not an events field

ONCE again, as the council seeks to put new life into the town’s entertainment and events programme and bring some occasional exciting attractions to the area, we have the nimbys protesting!

Surely, when one is moving house, one takes into account what facilities and amenities there are, or are not, in the immediate vicinity?

For example, if you don’t like the noise of children, or traffic congestion, then you don’t move next to a school.

However, some people seem to think they can move into any property and then complain about what goes on ‘next door’.

As examples, I remember, firstly, the people living around Seaside Recreation Ground - which was there long before they were - complaining about the noise generated by the Carnival Fun Fair for one week a year, and they tried to get it stopped.

I also recall, secondly, that when Monarch House was built, adjacent to Fort Fun - which was already there - the new residents complained about the noise generated by that attraction.

Now we have the issue of the future use of the Five Acre Field - which has also been there long before most of the houses abutting it. It’s obvious to me that if I take up residence near a public open space, then I must expect a certain amount of noise and disruption when events are taking place there; for that reason, I would probably avoid doing so (I actually live adjacent to the railway line, but I wouldn’t consider complaining about the noisy trains).

It’s great the council is putting so much effort into providing different and original events for the town’s residents to enjoy and which may also bring in extra tourists and, per se, income.

After all, how many open spaces are there left now, to put on such events?

Finally, in last Saturday’s Herald, Cllr Patrick Warner is quoted as saying “Five Acre Field is not an events field, it is a community and amenity space”.

Well, I would like to ask when this became the case?

Surely I am not the only one who remembers, as a young lad, attending motorcross events there, when motorcycle scrambling took place up and down the banks (since levelled) accompanied by music, loudspeaker commentary and other stalls?

They were great occasions, and where were the complainers then? Oh yes, of course, they didn’t live there at that time!


Brampton Road