Who needs a second runway - let’s flatten Meads!

Given Caroline Ansell’s enthusiasm for Meads and a second runway could we not flatten Meads and put the second runway there? Just think how this would revive the hotel trade and businesses in Eastbourne. We might even get some 21st century buildings fit for the 21st century into the town centre . We all know some in the Meads harbour the intent to flatten Eastbourne and turn it into a vast bowling green for the over 95s (though come to think of it this might be an improvement on the grotesque Terminus Road, hideous Langney Road and third world Seaside). Yes an Eastbourne International Airport on the edge of the town; now that would transform things. Only one hurdle; the Dads Army girls and boys that think that World War II was the last thing that happened here. But Caroline Ansell looks a plucky fighter. And we all know how modernity fires up a Conservative! And, come to think of it we could save the yearly budget we blow on Airbourne. With our own airport we could have planes flying in 24/7. And they would be modern shiny ones not the decrepit noisy bi-planes we currently have to endure. And who knows maybe the beaches would at last fill beyond the the days a year we currently enjoy.


Sovereign Harbour