Who’ll sit on these beaches this summer?

I WAS horrified when I walked along the seafront at the weekend and saw the large number of huge earth moving trucks, machinery and plant working there.

Right along the beaches from Holywell to the Pier and beyond, works are taking place.

Far from improving the look of the beaches, a mixture of thick black sludge and shingle dredged up from the seabed offshore is being deposited there.

I cannot imagine anyone wanting to sit on a beach covered in this disgusting mess.

Is this the way to attract visitors to our town? During the 60 years I have known and loved Eastbourne, I have never before seen anything like it.

What I would like to know is who sanctioned this desecration of our beaches?

Why is it necessary and how much is it costing. Judging by the amount of plant and machinery, as well as trucks and offshore shipping, it must be millions.

At a time when so many cuts in services, etc. are being made, this seems a total waste of money.

D. Bohan

Cliff Road