Who’ll pay for damaged hedge?

WHO ARE these mindless idiots that week by week have to damage the delightful hedgerow growing round the green area outside the Winter Gardens? A small oasis in a concrete area.

The weekend of the Wedding Exhibition etc was no exception.

I am sure lots of responsible people enjoyed this but some of course were not so responsible.

What I could see from a distance was an adult of possibly 35-45 who, wanting to get a photograph of the vintage cars parked outside, proceeded to trample through the hedgerow in order to do this with no thought whatsoever of the destruction he was causing.

Why oh why can people not respect things, as many of us - including myself - pay council tax to help provide areas of tidiness to make Eastbourne a nicer place.

Maybe the man in question (and anyone else responsible) who looked like a professional photographer would like to pay to replace the damaged hedgerow?

Or then maybe not, these people somehow think it is their right to do as they please.


Wilmington Gardens