Who is shaping Seaford’s future?

SEAFORD was described in Private Eye recently as a ‘run down’ seaside town which may be upsetting to us Seafordians but, when you think about it, perhaps it’s true.

When I first came here 25 years ago I would have described it as ‘small and quaint’ but since then the population has doubled and much of its quaintness has been eroded by ill-thought overdevelopment.

Moreover, this high level of building is only viable if resources are developed to match it which clearly is not happening.

Why? Who is responsible for shaping Seaford?

The Seaford residents? You’re joking! Despite massive local opposition regarding increased pollution, we now have a huge, unsightly incinerator, with the prospect of horrendous traffic jams, built to benefit, not Seaford but, the rest of the county.

We have put a lot of energy into opposing the destruction/sell off of existing resources and proposing much-needed/more appropriate facilities - but to no avail.

The Town Council? I doubt it as it has limited power and many decisions, such as planning, are made by Seaford only to be overruled by higher authority. Deciding the colour of beach huts is about its level.

No. Lewes Council makes our decisions and I would say most of these are to do with money - for its benefit, not ours. And it is property developers and commercial companies who influence Lewes because they can provide a more persuasive (lucrative) argument than us mere mortals who live here.

There must be something we can do to stop the rot. Any ideas?

Chrissy Freeman

Links Road, Seaford