Whistling in the wind?

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IN THE Herald we read Councillor Tutt’s reaction to the report which says Eastbourne is positioned 209 out of 406 local authorities, in a list of towns showing the speed at which they are likely to recover from the current economic downturn.

He said, “While this is the first I have heard of this report and do not know the criteria which has been used in the assessment”, he proceeds to express his belief that “our local economy is robust and will be able to respond quickly to an upturn in the national economy.”

This seems to conflict with the awful level of young people’s unemployment in Eastbourne which his colleague Stephen Lloyd MP said he was unaware of recently. Aren’t the young people our future?

So we have a confident expression of future improvement, without knowing the criteria of the assessment.

Councillor Tutt ‘doesn’t know’ and Stephen Lloyd MP was ‘surprised’.

Are they together in ‘whistling in the wind’ with their lack of knowledge?


Leyland Road