Where will time saving be made?

WHILE it’s applaudable efforts are being made to cut the journey time from Eastbourne to London it would be interesting if the groups involved could spell out how exactly this could be achieved.

For a start it should not be forgotten that the line to and from Eastbourne is in fact a branch line before it joins the main line from Brighton just south of Wivelsfield.

Also owing to the curves on the track, especially in the Lewes area, speed restrictions are in place.

Having said that just which stations are the group proposing to cut out for the faster trains?

Both Polegate and Lewes provide revenue from passengers and by not calling there would not make the service cost effective.

Next we have Haywards Heath where admittedly some time is wasted with the attachment being made from Littlehampton.

By cutting this out it could result in Eastbourne being cut back to one train an hour to London like it was previously before this practice was introduced.

Then we have Gatwick Airport, East Croydon, and Clapham Junction which speak for themselves.

Admittedly we have some services which currently call at additional stations as well as those above during the day, but we also have trains which just call at the stations mentioned only, with the journey time being 1 hour 26 mins so where can the 16 minutes saving be achieved in the journey time down to the 70 minutes being proposed?


Hamsey Close