Where were the trade unionists?

CONGRATULATIONS to Malcolm Rasala in noticing where some of the consultants supporting the “reforms” to local hospitals live i.e. Hastings.

We might add the observation that Hastings now has a Tory MP, who will be anxious not to lose her seat, should Hastings be the town to lose hospital facilities.

The last Herald editorial sounded rather disappointed at the size of the Save the DGH march.

Well, where were the trade union banners? Surely, they were not banned, in order to make the march “non-political”.

After all, local politicians were allowed to make political capital out of it.

If local trade union leaders chose not to mobilise their members, then, they should be ashamed of themselves and their members should be thinking about replacing them.

We were even holding the rally, overlooked by what was the Eastbourne TGWU centre.

Frankly, we think that making this issue “non-political” is a fallacy. Issues such as this are the raw meat of real politics – far more so, than representatives of the mains parties, all singing from the same tatty and discredited song-book.



Hawks Road, Hailsham