Where were the councillors at Seaford Civic Service?

I attended Seaford Town Council Mayor’s Civic Service at Seaford Baptist church on July 7 in the afternoon.

Invited by the mayor and also in attendance were MP Norman Baker, mayors from other towns, chairmen and chairwomen from other councils, Seaford town clerk, the two Freedom of Seaford gentlemen, Don Mabey MBE and Laurie Holland, family and friends of the mayor plus members of the public.

But yet again lack of Seaford councillors at this council event in support of the mayor.

It was very disappointing with only seven Seaford councillors plus the mayor attending. What was it this time, advantage Andy Murray? Support would be appreciated at all times now and in the future for Seaford mayors by councillors. I’m someone who will always be seen and especially if invited as a Seaford resident.


Hindover Road.