Where were the collection boxes at Airbourne?

I WAS delighted to see from your article in last Friday’s edition of the Herald (August 31) that £33,600.00 was raised at Airbourne 2012.

This is most encouraging but I feel could have been substantially higher.

I attended the show on both Friday and Saturday, all day in the case of Saturday, and although we based ourselves in front of the Western Lawns, both my wife and I on separate occasions each took one of our grandchildren to see the stalls etc. both on the Lawns and all the way to the Pier.

Both of us were absolutely dismayed that neither of us saw any collection buckets for donations at any time on either day.

Where were they? We did obviously donate to those worthy causes we saw RNLI, RAFA, Memorial Flight etc and would have been most generous to the £1 appeal if only we could have found someone to take our money.

This may have just been coincidental and we were just unlucky to miss the collectors (despite us looking for them) but I find it hard to believe that neither of us could find a bucket in all the time we were at the show.

In future, I suggest that a collection point could be situated at all the main entree points to the Lawns, beaches etc. in order to achieve a better result.

Chris and Stephanie Bishop

Wedderburn Road