Where was flame TV coverage?

Copy of letter to

South East Today

I NOTE that particular television attention was paid by South East Today, reporting on the Flame convoy through such places as Hythe and Sandgate, yet no showing has been made of the Olympic Torch going through Eastbourne, showing once again a certain bias against promotion of the town.

It took years for the South East Today weather reporting to change its weather map so as to include on a reasonable amount of occasions the presence of Eastbourne.

Now, once again, the town was more or less ignored showing the convoy through Eastbourne with thousands of parents and children lining the roadsides, flags and bunting galore, yet no filming and hardly a mention.

What is it with South East Today? Do you not see the wider view of needed overall support which not only entertains but supports commerce and general well-being of all.

If you had filmed, you would have recorded much larger crowds than you managed to show for places like Hythe.

Whatever it is at your establishment which seemingly promotes such bias, it is time for a general wake-up call to the cobwebs of your system.

We all need reasonable, evenly allocated support in all directions for the well-being of our respective areas as well as the pleasant satisfaction to be enjoyed by the many thousands who enthusiastically lined the streets and occupied the wider spaces in excited anticipation.


Meadowlands Avenue