Where is the finance director?

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I FEEL so angry at reading that £4.1m has been spent by East Sussex Healthcare Trust to identify £6m worth of savings that I have to write and let off some steam.

What makes it worse is to read that the Trust has a ‘finance director’; how can this be, isn’t he or she employed to do the work that the consultants have been called in to do?

I would like to know how much of that £6m worth of savings has involved sacking staff further down the food chain than the director of finance – the very taxpaying people who are actually doing the valuable work that ensures the sick are healed, be that front line or in support.

It won’t be the accountants that step in to fill the gap left by their butchery, it will be those staff who have been lucky enough to hold on to their jobs and will now either have to work that much harder or reduce the quality of their delivery in order to be able to fit their extra tasks in.

I dare say it is the likes of Ernst and Young that tell us we need to close the DGH in Eastbourne and centralise the service at the Conquest in Hastings, but it won’t be them that will have their A&E out of reach in a life-saving amount of time and it won’t be the director of finance who will be out of a job because of the ‘rationalisation’.

How much does this so-called director earn? How many nurses or auxiliary staff could be employed if he or she went?


Victoria Drive